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"We are holding the Global Business Conference at London Olympia on
21st-22nd September 2017.

Global Business Conference & Business Expo 2017 is opportunity for
Connecting Businesses across the globe.

The main aim of this conference is to provide an international platform
for businesses to come together and grow. The conference will give
opportunity to the businesses to have dialogue with the business
leaders, academics, business professionals and government officials from
all around the world. There is opportunity to exchange ideas and
transfer practical knowledge on global busi
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ness, entrepreneurship,
service industry, digital technology, engineering, energy, agricultural
and health strategies. The Conference will consist of plenary sessions,
workshops, networking sessions, exhibitions, trade transactions, keynote
speeches, business presentations, panel discussions, and a tour of
interesting places.

A large number of businesses are coming from India, particularly those
that are growing fast and want to have huge international presence.

Global Business Conference 2017 Olympia London

Global Business Conference 2017 Olympia London IBF 4 Business
Global Business Conference Entrepreneurship Promotion Connecting
Businesses Business Expo Some of the top minds …

International Business Federation is a non-profit organisation and is
making big effort to help businesses in their growth, when businesses
are connected for mutual benefit economic growth is inevitable.

We need to involve important businesses participating and sponsoring
this event. This is a mission and we would be interested in you playing
vital role connecting to other businesses.


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